Murcia Exposed

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Home The Northwest Mula Chimenea Antigua Fabrica (La Puebla de Mula)

Chimenea Antigua Fabrica (La Puebla de Mula)

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Chimenea Antigua Fabrica

 The state is of abandonment and ruin, but despite this they can not be demolished because of their industrial heritage.The square base has dimensions of 2.5m square two meters and half of long for two and half of high. The chimney is 25m high and made of solid brick. Internally there is still part of the stairway that was used for its construction.As with many parts of Murcia it was part of the canning industry where these factories were indispensable in the villages, towns and cities.Today the majority are dormant, but they bear witness of the development that came to the area in the 1960"s. From the 1970"s the constructions started to be abandoned and currently they are the subject for studying the architectural history of the Region.This chimney is built in the 20th century, but in 1999, after the earthquake, it lost the whole crown.


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